About Us

LavenderPulp offers our book collection and gifts to enjoy, cherish, laugh at, and cry over but most of all to treasure and hopefully preserve for future generations of lesbian and bisexual women.

The Golden Era of Lesbian Pulp Fiction flourished during the repressed 1950s to the early 60s. Suggestive and sometimes sleazy cover art with seductive taglines were intended to entice the public at large. In actuality the majority of these books are quite tame by today's standards.  Many pulp fiction books were written by men under pseudonyms however LavenderPulp has made it our goal to collect and offer novels and love stories directed toward the lesbian community that were written by women and lesbians.
Behind the veil of mass marhet racy pulps, authors such as Vin Packer, Valerie Taylor and Ann Bannon filled the hunger of women across the country who craved to meet and know others like themselves. These pocket size gems, over 50 years old, are now invaluable pieces of gay and lesbian history. The vibrant, colorful lesbian pulp fiction covers mark the beginning of lesbian visibility and prelude the lgbt lesbian and gay rights movement of the 70s.